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What They’re Saying About the Mike Ross/Blanche Lincoln Ad

Erica Werner, AP:  

More fights ahead in Congress over health care

Underscoring how every lawmaker is under intense scrutiny, the liberal blog Firedoglake.complanned to begin TV ads in Arkansas next week criticizing two of that state’s Democratic members of Congress for not fully supporting the health care drive. The $78,000 campaign — a significant sum in that state — was aimed at Sen. Blanche Lincoln, a member of the Finance committee, and Rep. Mike Ross, a leader of the House’s moderate Blue Dog Democrats who have sought to keep the bill’s price tag modest.

Greg Sargent, The Plum Line:

Liberals To Rahm: Who’s “F**king Stupid” Now?

The ad, which FDL is raising money for right now, also represents an implicit shot at the big liberal groups for largely backing down from targeting centrists at the White House’s insistence.

Indeed, there’s a bit of a split in the pro-health care reform movement between those who are willing to place their trust in the White House and want to maintain access, and those who maintain that the only way to affect real long term change is to build Congressional progressives into a powerful and unyielding force that won’t budge on core principles.

That tension, of course, is only going to get exacerbated in the weeks ahead.

 Rick Klein, ABC’s The Note

So much for Rahm Emanuel’s cease-fire.

“Stand with Democrats now — or we’ll find someone who will,” says the ad from the FDL Action PAC which organizers said would run for the next 10-14 days in the Little Rock market. 

Ben Smith, Politico:  

Firedoglake, which has lately become a hub of congressional-oriented organizing, and raised quite a bit of money for members of Congress along the way, is planning to air this ad targeting Senator Blanche Lincoln and Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas with the kind of confrontational rhetoric that, Greg Sargent notes, Rahm has waved them off.

We’ve already raised over $11,000 just this morning toward our goal of reaching 60% of Arkansas Democrats statewide and nearly 100% of Democrats in Mike Ross’s district.  That is a meaningful buy that will send a very strong message right in the back yards of Lincoln and Ross.

Help us put this ad on the air.

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