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We Need Your Help With Over 540 Amendments!

The latest report is that there are over 540 amendments filed for the mark-up process of the bill by Senator Baucus in the Senate Finance Committee. According to Politico’s Live Pulse column, the amendments will be divided into three distinct subject areas: delivery system reform, coverage, and financing.

The Senate Finance Committee staff says that the amendments will be posted online tomorrow at 10am EST.  We can’t possibly wade through all 540 amendments by ourselves, so it’s why I’m asking for your help to wade through these amendments tomorrow to look for a public option amendment offered by either Rockefeller, Schumer, Wyden, Brown, and others. And to also look for any poison pill amendments from Republicans as well.

 If you find anything unusual, please send me an e-mail at pleasehelpfreebarneythedog at the gmail location address. 

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