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The White Blight – Time to Take OUT the Whole Barrel of Crackers

Yet another fine example of Racist douchebaggery has occurred as an assault on a Mother in Georgia, and the resulting charges (or lack thereof) is a second assault.

Racist motherfucker West was leaving “CRACKER Barrel” and whipped the door right into Tasha Hill’s 7 year old daughter’s face, and Tasha pulled her back just in time. Then she politely said ‘Excuse me sir, you need to watch yourself you almost hit my daughter in the face.’

So he called her a “fucking black nigger bitch,” and proceeded to beat the shit out of her. He punched her face threw her down and kicked her on the ground.

ALL IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER, who was traumatized enough to feel like it was her own fault for wanting to eat there.

LETS ANALYZE THAT: When a child feels like she should have known better than to eat in a White Racist Establishment to protect her Mom, it is utterly fucking sickening. What kind of World is this?

LET ME ANSWER: A white-privileged racist world that needs to be DESTROYED. No child should have to endure a world like that.


Troy Dale West Jr., of Poulan, Georgia, is facing charges including misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct after allegedly beating Army reservist Tashawnea Hill, 35, after the two had words at the entrance of the Morrow, Georgia, restaurant the evening of September 9.

Hill, an African-American, told police that West, 47, yelled racial epithets at her as the attack took place.

“He did punch me with a closed fist repeated times. My head is still hurting today. I have knots on my head,” Hill told CNN Wednesday night, adding she also was kicked.


Because the alleged incident happened in full view of Hill’s 7-year-old daughter, the Clayton County district attorney’s office added a felony charge of cruelty to children.

“[The woman’s daughter] was visibly upset the night of the attack,” according to Capt. James Callaway of the Morrow Police Department, who said he was on the scene shortly after the alleged attack.

A police report of the incident said Hill’s daughter was “crying uncontrollably and her body [was] shaking/trembling” from witnessing the attack. Video

Did that stick? FUCK NO. Assault 2, WED EVENING:


A judge dropped a felony child cruelty charge against Troy D. West Jr. He was released from the Clayton County jail Friday — two days after being arrested for striking Tashawnea Hill in front of her 7-year-old daughter.

   District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said she may file felony charges against West. We’re reviewing the police reports and talking to witnesses to determine whether felony charges should be presented to the grand jury,” Lawson said Wednesday.

   West, 47, is charged with battery, disorderly conduct and cruelty to children — all misdemeanors.

   Clayton Solicitor General Tasha Mosley, who prosecutes misdemeanor charges, said she sent the case to the district attorney because West should face aggravated assault charges.

   “A hand or a foot can be used as a deadly weapon,” Mosley said. “You can kill somebody or cause bodily injury with a hand.”

Do you THINK?

If a black man had beat a white woman, he would be facing attempted murder charges.

This fucking has to STOP!

This whole rotten system needs tearing down. I’m sure I’m going to anger someone here, but I have said it before: White people are the blight of the planet. Name one place where we have set foot and improved the lot of the indigenous people. One. Where we have not degraded our fellow man and screwed the environment. Fuckers don’t know how to live in the World, they think they own it.

You have to realize I could have run my white bitch mouth at him, and said “Watch yourself, asshole, you almost hit my son!” and NOTHING would have happened. He may have said, “FUCK YOU!” and stomped off…. not stomped ME!

But a Black Woman dare to ask respect or carefulness around her own child? He called her “nigger” and BEAT HER!

I could SCREAM.Witnesses support that she did nothing wrong, and what he said and did. Witnesses? WITNESSES? Why the FUCK did no one kill that trash? Why did no one stop him?




Racist, white, christinazi land of CRACKER Barrel.

I could PUKE, man.

They have the whole thing on security video tape.

Did I mention Tasha Hill was a soldier? I’ve been told by friends that any time a person trained by the US military uses their fists, they can be charged with “deadly weapon” assault. Had she retaliated in kind, it would be her, the victim going down.

This makes me so angry I want to go back in time and put a Detroit stomp on his honky racist fucking ass.

You see, where I’m from, there is no good ol’ boy fisticuffs, you engage physically? Its a fucking death match. I’d have liked to break a ketchup bottle and give him a new smile from ear to ear right across his throat. One of us would have died, and it wouldn’t have been me.

As a woman, as a woman who has been beaten, any time a man puts his hands on a woman it makes me crazy. I will protect another woman with my very life. But add racial slurs to it, and I am likely to go berserker.

I cannot help but believe that people like him are walking time bombs that have been triggered by those on Fox, the Becks & Limbaughs who are sending the message that its ok to not only think sick thoughts, but to act on them.

They are fomenting a race war.

Lets face it. The race war never ended. When is the last time whitey had to look over their shoulder in a store, being followed? When is the last time whitey had to have the cold sweats and check their rear view mirror for DRIVING WHILE WHITE?

For fucks sakes, even our judicial system is entirely slanted toward charging and punishing black people in a blatantly racist way.

I have absolutely no idea why people of color in this country haven’t joined together and burnt this whole fucking white system to the ground.


Not that greed, exceptionalism and assholicness isn’t rampant in the whole species of mankind. It is.

But White Americans seem to take it to an art form.

Its like our brains are curdled, spoiled things that cannot see the obvious: We are all related, and need to take care of one another. Instead, they never look UP at who is making their lives miserable, the Rich Elites, no, they grind others down further and say “Hey, at least I’m better off than you” and imagine to themselves the lie they are better, while we ALL go down.

What a way to cull the ‘useless eaters’…. create a flu epidemic, deny health care and start a race war so we kill each other for them.

And Fox-sucking, mouth-breathing, mullet head, racist CRACKERS play right into it.

I don’t know if we can overcome the White Blight, heal our sick and twisted minds…. but I do know this needs tearing down.

I’d be happy to light the first match.

What makes me even sicker? I would be barraged with hate mail if I said all this as a Black Woman. I get away with it because I’m white. I have exceptionalism I don’t even WANT.


**Disclaimer: All viewpoints and rantiness reflect only my own anger, not this site nor its denizens. All mental acts of violence are purely thoughts and shall remain such, I do not condone actual violence, nor do I wish to incite such. Its called a rant.

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