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Representative Tammy Baldwin on LGBT-inclusive health care reform

Update: Excerpt from Rep. Baldwin’s press release on the video below the fold.


Rep. Balwin has this up on healthcare reform, explaining why she believes LGBT people should care about this issue from just self interest:

By the way, she specifically mentions gender identity in her YouTube statement, but doesn’t mention any specific sorts of intersex, transgender, or transsexual healtcare treatments. I look for these kind of statements, although I’m aware of why it’s better on some level to say nothing about such treatments.

In other words, no mention of Obama Tranny-Care Sex Change Operations. From Rep. Baldwin’s media release:

Congresswoman Baldwin sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee which is one of three House committees that passed a health care reform bill.  Baldwin, a Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, inserted language in the bill dealing with LGBT health care disparities, including:

• Helping people with AIDS gain access to drugs under Medicare Part D;  

• Ensuring data collection on the health of LGBT populations; and

• Strong non-discrimination provisions to guarantee access to health care for all communities.

While applauding the addition of three of her objectives in the draft health care reform bill, Baldwin explained, “Keep in mind that the bill my committee passed is just a starting point, and much work remains to be done.  I am continuing my efforts to see that LGBT Americans are included in health reform and am hopeful that we’ll see more progress as deliberations continue.  My quest for an end to LGBT health disparities will continue long after we pass a health care reform bill.”

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen