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Maine Dignitaries Speak Out Against SFMM/ Yes On 1 Ads

An important press release from No On 1:

NO on 1 Campaign Releases Detailed Memorandum Dispelling Ongoing Lies and Distortions by Question 1 Proponents

Memorandum to general public and Maine media signed by Maine House Speaker, Senate President, two former Maine Attorneys General and other Maine legal experts

Portland, Maine (Friday, September 18, 2009)—

The NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality today released an extensive memorandum that examines and disputes the paid media claims regarding the so-called consequences of marriage equality made by proponents of Question 1.  

The memorandum was signed by:

Maine Senate President Elizabeth Mitchell,

Maine House Speaker Hannah Pingree,

Former Maine Attorneys General Steve Rowe and James Tierney,

House Chair of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee Representative Emily Cain,

University of Maine School of School of Law Dean Peter Pitegoff and

University of Maine School of Law Professor David P. Cluchey.

“The Yes campaign has released two advertisements that are nothing more than an ‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ set of distortions,” said Jesse Connolly, NO on 1 Campaign Manager.

“Frankly, we’re sick of these worn out prophecies of doom and cynical views of our Maine’s values.  We hope this memorandum is used time and again over the next six weeks as Question 1 proponents spin out these false and misleading claims.”

“It’s not often that both the Speaker and I feel compelled to set the record straight, but this is one of them,” said Senate President Mitchell.  “Our public process around the marriage equality law was just that — open, accessible and deliberative.

“To suggest that the very public debate on this issue, where thousands of Mainers on both sides were heard, was tainted in any way, is disrespectful — not just to our members, but more importantly, to the public who came to be heard,” said Speaker Pingree.  

Maine people expect and deserve a campaign based on facts,” said former Maine Attorney General Steve Rowe.  “NO on 1 has adhered to the type of honest, straightforward Maine based campaign that serves the best interest of the voters as we head toward November 3rd.”

“The facts laid out in this analysis clearly demonstrate that the claims in these ads are false and misleading,” said former Maine Attorney General James Tierney.  “It is important to get the facts right, to dispel these mistruths and return the debate to where it should be, which is treating all Maine families equally.”

The memorandum, which is attached, was sent to all Maine media and others who have shown an interest in this referendum.

Wow! Powerful stuff indeed… I read through the 9 pages and it is well worth the time to do so, folks.

Below the fold, it is my very great honor to share the testimony of Libby Mitchell, Maine’s Senate President, regarding LD 1020. As she told me a few weeks ago, this speech was the only time she has EVER, as Senate President, spoken on the floor and gave testimony.

Senate President Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell:

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