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Tell Mike Ross and Blanche Lincoln To Act Like Democrats — Or We’ll Find Someone Who Will

Blanche Lincoln says she opposes a public option because it’s "too expensive."  She doesn’t mention that it will save individuals $2000 a year in medical costs.

Mike Ross says he opposes a public option because the people in his district don’t want one.  But a DailyKos/Research 2000 poll shows that a majority of  Arkansas voters, and 80% of the state’s Democrats, support a public option.

Meaningful healthcare reform has been a dream of the Democratic Party for generations.   Lincoln and Ross need to be reminded that Democratic voters, not Blue Cross Blue Shield CEOs, are the ones who put them in office.

FDL Action will run the ad above in Arkansas, where 60% of Arkansas Democrats statewide and nearly 100% of Democrats in Mike Ross’s district will see it over and over again for the next two weeks on prime time network TV.

It’s time to take the Democratic Party back from the Blue Dogs and ConservaDems who are selling it off to the highest bidder.

Rahm Emanuel called liberal groups who advertise against Blue Dogs "fucking stupid" and told them to stop.  So they did. 

Can you help us put this ad on the air and let them all know that if they won’t act like Democrats, we’ll find someone who will?

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Jane Hamsher

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