I'm hearing an awful lot of people supporting the one “reform” proposal that seems likely to pass into law: mandated health insurance. That is where Americans are obligated by law to have insurance, either because their employer willingly decides to provide it as a benefit or because you must pay for a minimum mandatory amount of coverage out of your own pocket. The ignoramouses shown on television who support this keep saying, “We do it for car insurance, why not health insurance?”

Why not? It is simple. When my rent gets jacked up again for the third time this year by my greedy landlord, when the price of gasoline goes back up to $4 a gallon, when rising fuel costs increase the price of bread, milk and other wholesome foods, I can cancel the car insurance, sell the vehicle and make due as best I can. How can I do that with health insurance? What am I supposed to do when it comes down to paying the heating bill or the medical insurance bill?

And why the Hell isn't anyone asking these questions of Congress?

Gregory Gadow

Gregory Gadow

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