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Obama Gets Booed When He Mentioned Baucus Bill At Rally

The Hill reports that President Obama was booed when he brought up the Baucus bill at his health insurance reform rally at the University of Maryland:

President Obama’s mention of Sen. Max Baucus’s healthcare proposal drew boos Thursday at a healthcare rally at the University of Maryland.

By contrast, the left-leaning crowd cheered Obama when he endorseed a public health insurance option, which is considered a core provision for liberal lawmakers but is absent from Baucus’s (D-Mont.) proposal. 

According to someone at the rally, President Obama was taken aback by the boos, and he mentioned that each bill has its own strengths. I’m hopeful that the boos showed him that the public sentiment is very much against any legislation like the Baucus bill. After all, something’s got to pierce that bubble he lives in at the White House, and it might be as well the people at his own rallies. 

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