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On my way to Portland this morning, I heard a disturbing thing while flipping through channels at 7:30… this ad on WPOR 101.9, a channel that caters to both country AND western fans!

(Talk about knowing the mentality of your sheeple…)

Take a listen:

Here is a transcript:

Transcript of SFMM Radio Ad:

House Speaker Hannah Pingree- ” The chair recognizes the representative from Brunswick.”

Special interest groups got the legislature to approve homosexual marriage and tried to prevent Mainers from voting on it.

Representative Charlie Priest – “We ought naught to send it out to referendum.”

But Question 1 gives us our vote.

Scott Fitzgibbon, professor of law from Boston College Law School, – “Unless Question 1 passes there will be real consequences for Mainers. It will no longer be live and let live. Homosexual marriage will be the law whether Mainers like it or not.

Unknown woman- “Dear Governor Baldacci, we write to provide you with an analysis of the effects…”

Distinguished legal scholars wrote the Governor warning of the flood of lawsuits against individuals, small businesses and religious groups. Church organizations could lose their tax exemption. And in Massachusetts, homosexual marriage is taught in public schools. Federal courts have ruled that parents have no right to notice, or to pull their children out of this instruction.Vote Yes on Question 1 to preserve traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Paid for by Stand for Marriage Maine.

Titles for identification only.

No university endorsement implied.

No, of COURSE “no endorsement implied”. Yeah, RIGHT.

I have to believe that Speaker Pingree and Rep. Priest are probably about as happy about being in a SFMM ad as some folks at Boston College… but I digress.

Below the fold, a video response and excellent analysis by a fellow Blender.Okay, so we have a nasty radio ad full of lies to go along with a bad ad featuring a Boston College professor spouting lies.

Game ON, kids!

These are not new attacks and certainly anticipated by everyone here in Maine…

So what does No On 1 do?

Do they wait for a few weeks to pass, like SFMM did after No On 1’s ad first aired?


They come out with a new video response which, same as all of their other ads, features REAL MAINERS.



And imo what makes the ads so darned effective is that they utilize their previous ads, shown for weeks now in Maine (making them easily recognizeable and identifiable for their audience), positioned against SFMM’s own ad.

(A grateful h/t to atdnext, for a terrific post). Some excerpts:

But unfortunately, more and more of these blatantly false ads are going on the air thanks to major donations from the religious right. It’s become increasingly obvious that the same folks who ran Yes on H8 in California are using the exact same dirty tricksto strip marriage equality away from the people of Maine. And as this becomes clear, we need to realize not to make the same mistakes that led to Prop H8’s passage.

We can’t just ignore the attacks from the religious right. We can’t let them goad us into ridiculous arguments over things have have nothing to do with marriage equality. We can’t let them distract and bamboozle the Maine electorate into total confusion just like they did in California.

Simply put, the pro-equality campaign needs to get on the offensive and stay on the offensive. We need to point out what would happen if Yes on 1 succeeds. We need to tell the real stories of real families that will be hurt of Question 1 passes.

State Rep. Emily Cain (D-Orono)did a great job of explaining this in today’s Bangor Daily News.

This referendum is about children and families, but I disagree with Rev. (Bob) Emrich’s assessment of what is at stake. For Emrich (more about this guy here), gender and sexual orientation determine who will be a good parent. In fact, every reputable children’s advocacy organization agrees that love and support are what children need most. As Dr. Daniel Summers of the American Academy of Pediatrics testified at the April hearing in Augusta: It is the quality of parenting that predicts children’s psychological and social adjustment, not the parents’ sexual orientation or gender. He added that children raised by same-sex couples do not differ in any important respect from those raised by heterosexual parents.

All Maine people love their children. But in his crusade to deny marriage equality to thousands of Mainers, Rev. Emrich completely ignores the rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage automatically bestows on couples and on their children. Do we really want to deny these benefits to any Maine child because his or her parents are a same-sex couple? […]

There are thousands of loving same-sex couples in Maine who have made commitments to one another, many for decades. Marriage equality honors these commitments and acknowledges them under the law. Without marriage equality, Maine law does not recognize these couples as a legal pair. They cannot file taxes jointly, access health insurance as a family or inherit property when one partner dies without the hardship of crushing taxes.

Contrary to Rev. Emrich’s apocalyptic view, marriage equality will make Maine families stronger, extend vital rights and protections to the children of the couples who marry and uphold core Maine values of fairness, equality and personal freedom. Let’s not forget Massachusetts. New government statistics show Massachusetts with the lowest divorce rate in the country, down to 2 divorces per 1,000 residents, a drop from 2.2 before 2004 when same-sex couples began marrying. This is down to pre-World War II levels. Obviously, the dire predictions about the downfall of society have not come to pass and thousands of families there are stronger as a result.

Now this is what I’m talking about!




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