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Did you check out our opponents' new TV ad yesterday?

If you did, I'm sure you are as angry as I am about their cynical and fear-mongering claims regarding Maine schools.  They don't want to talk about treating loving, committed same-sex couples equally through marriage, so they distort, change the subject and incite fear.

Now we must make sure the voters of Maine get the facts. We have a new ad because we will not let any of these ridiculous claims go unanswered. It goes up this afternoon.

Click here to watch our ad and help set the record straight.

But here's where you come in.  We're coming up short on our budget to keep it on the air next week.

Right now, we're just $8,243 short of our goal for next week's ad buy—but we need the money in the next 24 hours or our ad will stop airing on some key stations. Can you help us buy next week's air time?

$100 airs this ad prime time.

$50 airs this ad daytime network television.

$35 airs this ad on cable.

Our positive message about respecting families and protecting marriage equality will resonate with the voters of Maine—as long as we can get it in front of them.

Please watch the ad and chip in to help set the record straight.

Thanks for your support—together, I know we can win this!

Jesse Connolly
Campaign Manager
NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

PS—Did you miss yesterday's email with the other side's new TV ad? You can still watch it here.





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