Are you freaking KIDDING ME???

After all of the hype about hiring native Mainers to portray a teacher or waitress for their “Yes On 1” ad…

Not to mention all of SFMM’s wailing regarding “No On 1” bringing in out-of-staters (can we just go ahead and call bullsh*t on this one, once and for all?) into the current referendum battle…

Stand For Marriage Maine employs a law professor from Boston College? They couldn’t even find a MAINE prof?

I need proof. Roll the film!

It’s not even a good commercial- obviously not filmed in Maine, the points they are trying to make are muddled, and right down to the music, it consists of nothing but pure scare tactics and “EEKS PROTEKT TEH CHILDRUN!” mentality.

So who is this professor? More below the fold…Let’s see:

Scott Fitzgibbon spoke with New England Cable Network (NECN) regarding same-sex marriage in December 2004.

He testified in 2005 regarding DOMA.

(h/t Blender Donna)

He wrote a paper in January 2007 entitled “Procreative Justice And The Recognition Of Marriage” It begins:


If you procreate at all, you should try to do it well. If you and another person procreate together, you should try for a good relationship. Goodness in procreation and goodness in a procreative relationship are the subjects of this paper. More specifically, justice in procreation is the subject. Justice makes special demands on those who procreate. It applies to the associations they establish to conduct the projects of procreation.

His poor students; this is a garbled nonsensical beginning to a 39 page journey of blather and twaddle.


Colossal fail for Stand for Marriage Maine…

And an unnecessary embarrassment for an internationally recognized institution of higher learning.

It is utterly shameful imo that Professor Fitzgibbon decided not to comment upon Maine’s equal marriage law as a concerned civilian, but as a paid hack who needed to drag his employer’s good name through the mud along behind him.

To lend credence to his weightless words.

To use the worldwide known label of “Boston College” as a platform of celebrity.

And he certainly has no connection to Maine or our marriage debate whatsoever.

For shame, Scott Fitzgibbon.




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