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Reaching Out: Ur Doin It Wrong

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, a Birmingham native, has decided she wants to “regularly visit Alabama and reach out to its citizens”, and she's doing so by joining two exclusive country clubs.  Huh?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I enjoy the in your face to Shoal Creek in particular, given founder Hall Thompson's refusal to allow black members in 1990, for God's sake, because “that's just not done in Birmingham, Alabama.”    Okay, the lady likes to play golf, and she's rich enough to afford the initiation fees and monthly dues.  But I do wonder what percentage of Alabama citizens belong to exclusive country clubs.  Is she likely to meet the average Alabamian on the fairways and greens of Greystone?  Why on earth would she claim this is part of an outreach plan?  Unless her plan is to reach out to wealthy, privileged (mostly) white people.

Oh well, I suppose I should look on the bright side.  At least some of those outreach dollars will trickle down to the caddies and waiters.

h/t Birmingham Blues reader JC

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