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About Me: I help educate with Trans101 presentations locally through Trans Connect, & previously  published a bi-weekly alternative broadsheet here in my town  for 6 years.  I volunteer at an NGO which supports those affected by HIV / AIDS and/or HCV.
I'm also busy with photography, web design and raising two high school boys, and loving it!  I  lost a bunch of comments by my 'leagues of followers' when I moved this page –  sorry folks – I hope to hear from you again!

Coming out is a challenge that can be applied to many aspects of life, of one's personality. What causes us to present the way we do? How do we adopt and represent culture? What causes us to come out as who we truly are? I believe it is the quintessential dilemma that we face.

If it is true that the purchase of a house is the largest financial transaction most people make in their lives, then buying into a persona and living that life is the largest spiritual transaction we make.
For me – it is my body that moves me to do what I do in my own spiritual transaction. My body is like a receiver of information from the cosmic world. My heart and other centers are like the spiritual senses, similar to the physical – ears, eyes, nose and skin. The first thing the mind does is try to warn us that cosmic consciousness is a hoax, because it wants to win the battle over the body. The mind is the power tripper, the ego maniac. I don't allow my mind to take over. I let my body 'walk the walk' and tell my mind to “Stop”. It's like stopping the world – being who I am. Each moment is a becoming moment. And as quickly as I have a realization that I have become, I am once again stepping into what I am becoming.
Some people say that if you don't pick a label, you'll get one anyway – well, the junkyard is filled with labels and that is not my destination. I will not endorse the marraige of me into a cultural terminology. I do not accept cultural methods of reduction and dismissal or even worse – inclusion.

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