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Incumbency Protection Racket Strikes in Colorado Senate Race

More proof that that DSCC’s pledge to stifle primaries means good news for incumbents, even when a non-elected Senator faces a primary.

From CQ, via Square State, via SirotaTweet:

The campaign arm of U.S. Senate Democrats has organized a joint fundraising committee to help it raise money along with the 2010 campaign of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet.

Colorado Senate 2010 was organized by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with the Federal Election Commission on Sept. 8. The DSCC and Bennet’s campaign committee will share the proceeds.

Bennet, of course, faces a brisk primary challenge from state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and runs only slightly ahead of GOP challengers in polls.

DSCC Chair Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has already helped New York’s appointed Senator winnow the field:

“I think Sen. Gillibrand is a hard charger. She is working extremely hard to both understand and to represent the diverse nature of New York State. I think she’s doing a very good job of it,” Menendez said this afternoon as talked up Democratic chances in 2010.

One can understand how he would not like to see a bruising primary breakout in New York, giving the GOP an opening in a very blue state, but he sounded pretty strong in his praise of the upstater, who has been criticized as too pro-gun and anti-immigrant.

“I’m pretty convinced that by the time the primary process rolls around that she will have convinced her fellow Democrats that she deserves their support and can move on to the general,” Menendez said. “She is doing a great job of positioning herself.”

These examples show that incumbency is the racket; being elected by the people of your state has nothing to do with who the DSCC will protect. They exist simply to protect incumbents. If you want to help keep the Senate in Democratic hands, find a Senator or Senate candidate to support. Any money to the DSCC is likely to get spent stifling democracy by discouraging primaries.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge