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Tony Perkins Will Be in Maine Sunday Along with NOM’s PR Flack

According to “Family” Research Council, Tony Perkins will be holding one of his “protect marriage” rallies in Augusta, Maine on Sunday (4:00 PM at the Augusta Civic Center). Citizens of Maine need to be reminded that this idiot purchased David Duke's mailing list and has given speeches before a white supremacist organization. Accompanying Perkins will be Charla Bansley, Director, Concerned Women for America of Maine; Marc Mutty, Chairman, Stand for Marriage Maine Executive Committee; Bob Emrich, Director, Maine Jeremiah Project; Frank Schubert, Partner, Schubert Flint Public Affairs and Chris Clark, Pastor, East Clairmont Baptist Church, San Diego, CA.

Yes, one of NOM's PR flacks is apparently going to speak at this “rally.” If it is attention that they want, attention they will get!

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