McMegan’s got a nonce cap

If the cap fits…

 Susan of Texas and the team at Fire Megan McArdle are fighting a courageous and thankless battle against the tsunami of tstupid that flows neverending, world without end, amen from McMegan’s fingertips. It honestly seems like McMegan cannot seem to get through a single post without making either an egregious error or one of her more subtle ones for which she is ‘tubes famous because, you know,  "statistics…hypotheticals…whatev’".

Inevitably she will  blame it all on PTSD  since she likes to invoke her 9/11 service  in much the same way that Roger L. Simon plays the "I was involved in the civil rights movement before Chappaquidick made me pee myself on 9/11" card whenever he’s accused of being a back stabbing douche.

In the meantime McMegan struts her mavericky street stuff by mentioning that she supported Obama without clarifying that support  < voted for him. Also she flirts dangerously close to anti-libertarianreflexism by proposing regulatory relief for people who leave their toys out in the rain:

Still, no one should be able to use a stolen phone, Kindle, or other gadget.  The manufacturers have an easy way to make the black market in used electronics much less profitable, and it’s just obvious common sense that they should disable the device immediately, and seize any stolen phones that are activated on their network.

My guess is that Amazon figures the Kindle thief would fire up McMegan’s book-toy which would open on the bookmarked portions of John Galt’s speech and then he would shitcan it because the friggin’ thing is broke and full of gibberish. Just kidding. You can’t get Atlas Shrugged on Kindle.

Lastly (or Also.). "nonce". Really? "Nonce?"

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