Yes we can. Get, stay energized. Don’t Quit.

I think the GOP picks its topics of DEM derision solely to appeal to those within their sphere of influence: specifically, their prejudice(s) and fears.

So whether or not the GOP purveyors of vitriol believe in what they spew is anyone’s guess. I gleaned this from watching Bill Moyer’s Capital Crimes. (you can watch it here:

The shear self-servingness of those like Ralph Reed and Tom Delay was so obvious I became convinced that many in the GOP are just ACTORS. Reagan anyone?

They act out in whatever manner it takes to garner the support of the those within the sphere of their influence.

They conduct themselves with precise calculation, and rarely from truly heartfelt convictions, or so it seems by the silliness of their retorts.

They artfully craft Bumper Sticker Talking Points, probably written by the ad titans of Wall Street. They are damn good at it, btw.

They just want to win, be damned with anything else like truth or principles.

The spawns of Lee Atwater will do anything and say anything to get a vote.

They have derided Liberals so severely for decades, that they have successfully convinced the fearful and the haters, that they will both be the victims of Democrats in power. They have terrified their base with base lies.

So great has been their success in this regard, that we have allowed their coercive tactics to force us to retreat from calling ourselves Liberals anymore. We are now progressives. Would we have changed our name but for the GOP derision machines?

All that said, that President Barrack Obama is black and that he lived in a Muslim country in his youth, couldn’t be more perfect stage material for the GOP win-at-all-cost, vitriol is our tool, actors.

MoT from your fan here, speak to the hearts of the audience from your heart. Ponder the principles under attack by the GOP Actors. I think they use the racism in the hearts of their voters as a meme for their support. Sadly, it works. And, yes, there are some true racists in Congress. I am just not convinced that Obama’s race isn’t just another tool for the GOP. A hateful tool that appeals to the rascist hearts of their base. A tool in the hands of Actors who will always believe that "the end justifies the means" even if that means letting America burn, while they fiddle.

I think we need to fight back using their most effective tool:

Bumper Sticker Responses to their Bumper Sticker Slogans.

Short, simple, punchy, and always principle based.

A true principle can’t be argued because it is a true principle.

A silly example: An Air Born Ball Always Returns to Earth

How can anyone argue with this? It’s based on the principle of gravity. Arguing a principle makes the arguer denying it look stupid.

Here are some political examples off the top of my head:

Obama’s Death Panels – re-tort – Health Care Saves Lives

Government IS the Problem – retort with (examples)
Government Keeps Us Safe
Government Delivers Your Mail
Government Pays Your Troops
Government Puts Out Your Fires
Government Feeds the Elderly

So, as I haven’t so much done here, KISS, keep it simple. Speak in Bumper Sticker.

In defense of Liberals: Liberals Have Heart

This proud Liberal chose to be one because I believed that Liberal leaders shared a heartfelt desire to serve ALL the people. To give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, health care to everyone, a fiscal balance between the Military Industrial Complex and the Real Needs of America. In short, to provide all the services necessary for the creation of a healthy society: Education, Health, security on all levels, and fairness and a shared prosperity.

We had the above before Reagan. Heck, even Nixon placed controls on housing costs, much to the consternation of the neoconservatives. Nixon had more heart that today’s GOP!

This is what the GOP has done to my life and the lives of millions of Americans. The result of Republican domination for decades and the disgraceful dismantling of American security by NAFTA, bank deregulation, and continual war.

This is what I hope Obama Et Al will fix. It is why I worked countless hours to help elect him:

Too many don’t have any money left anymore after paying for life’s necessities.

We are no longer credited by our life-long work experience, and are forced into "entry level" positions with a low wages, if we are lucky enough to have a job.

We are paid NO interest on our savings.

We are captive victims by credit card bank policies allowed by Congress.

The costs for health care are ridiculous. Providers on all levels are free to gouge the system, while our government seems to think it’s ok for us to pay $14K, $19K, $22K, or $27K out-of-pocket annually, heaven forbid we have a health crisis and are poised to force us to do so. (See my DAILY DOSE series of analyses of the health care reform Bills.

Depending on which State we live in, social safety net systems vary greatly. Where are our champions on the Hill charged to serve all citizens? Charged to help the citizens of states who won’t provide proper education and/or social safety nets for their citizens?

And practically half of the US Budget is now spent on the increasingly privatized Military Industrial Complex. The growth in this market in the past 10 years defies comprehension. Our tax dollars are being spent to create tools that can be used to coral our very own freedoms. Crowd control technology has been perfected. I once read that War was the opportunity of weapons invention. The floodgates of the US Treasury are opened and our national wealth has become the wealth of the MIC CEOs. Are we NUTS!

We are becoming an impoverished citizenry, slaves working to just get by.

Race has nothing to do with our descent. Power and Greed, winning at all costs, the hell with the citizenry. This is where the country is after 30 years of near complete GOP control and some DEMS that failed to rally on our behalf when they had the chance.

Well they have the chance now. Will they rally?

Ask them that, Ministry of Truth.

Results, not Race, A Good Leader Make

The GOP Fear Obama’s Good Results
His Success, Will Be A GOP Insult

Obama’s Success Will Expose the GOP LIE
It’s Not a Sin to be A Liberal Guy!

Well, enough said.

Good Luck to you, Ministry of Truth. You will know the right things to say. You work hard studying. You know the issues. Have great faith in the power of your words. Don’t worry about sounding clever. Just be YOU. I have faith in YOU.

And, I don’t think you have to out yourselves.

Would Benjamin Franklin have been so successful if he had signed his Poor Richard’s Almanack with other than a pen name?

Wisdom in folk society meant the ability to provide an apt adage for any occasion, and Franklin’s readers became well prepared. He sold about ten thousand copies per year (a circulation equivalent to nearly three million today).

Lastly, what time will you broadcast? And I can’t find out where to go to watch online. Can you give us a link to programming information? Went to Air America’s website and didn’t see a reference to Nicole’s show. Thanks.


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