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Reid at Risk: Cook Calls Sen-NV a “toss-up”

Conventional wisdomaire Charlie Cook’s political outfit has downgraded Harry Reid’s 2010 re-election to a toss-up despite not knowing who his GOP opponent will be in the general next year (my emph).

Key point: "If we were skeptical of Reid’s vulnerability at the start of the cycle, we have become increasingly convinced over the last two months or so that he is as endangered as any Democratic incumbent seeking re-election in 2010. Reid’s inability to improve his standing in the polls, coupled with the deteriorating political environment for Democrats nationally and Lowden’s impending entry into the race, are clear indications that his political problems are deep and will be difficult (though not impossible) to fix."

When will Senate Democrats set Harry Reid free to tend his homefires without having to defend the Democratic brand in just-purple Nevada? Will the Senate caucus risk having to choose another leader after seeing theirs go down to defeat? Why not pick a new leader now rather than seeing theirs lose at home to a GOP?

Wasn’t losing Tom Daschle enough of a lesson for them?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge