Expect to see more of this guy next year.

One of the six Republican candidates in the challenge for governor of Iowa has promised that if successful, he will repeal gay marriage in the state.

Iowa legalised gay marriage in April but Republican challenger Bob Vander Plaats told reporters this week he would use an executive order to put the issue up to the legislature and to a ballot initiative.

He may challenge current Iowa governor Chet Culver for the state leadership in 2010.

He and Culver have run against each other before; Vander Platt has made repeated trips towards the Governor’s office.

But this is a new one- before a single vote has been cast, Vander Platt ALREADY is giving the reason why the Democrats will try to oust him from office!

Republican Bob Vander Plaats, 46, a Sioux City businessman, officially announced his campaign in his hometown of Sheldon on Monday by saying he would issue an executive order putting the issue same-sex marriage in the hands of the legislature and the voters of Iowa on his first day in office.

In June, Vander Plaats also said he would issue an executive order stopping same-sex marriage until the legislature either passes a law legalizing it or passes a constitutional amendment banning it.

He furthermore said after doing so, he said he fully expects Democrats to try to remove him from office for “promoting lawlessness.”

Vander Platt has “friends in high places” (can’t wait for the jokes of the Huckabee connection as “Rascal Platts”)- and looky who’s writing checks again!

Vander Plaats is a former high school teacher and principal and was formerly chief executive of Opportunities Unlimited, a Sioux health organization.

Vander Plaats, ran for governor in 2002 and lost in the primary, ran again in 2006 before being chosen as Jim Nussle’s running mate, but lost to Chet Culver.

He has already has the endorsements of several prominent conservative Republicans, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, for whose 2008 presidential campaign Vander Plaats served as state chairman.

Last month during a special election for the Iowa house the National Organization for Marriage made an $86K radio and television buy on behalf of Iowa House candidate Stephen Burgmeier, who also promised to overturn marriage equality. Burgmeier lost that bid, but no doubt Vander Plaats has an eye on an endorsement and some NOM cash as well.

No doubt he’ll get the NOM cash… he’s in lockstep with Mags and Brian. Here is the candidate, lamenting the court’s decision back in April:

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