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UN-FRIGGIN-Believable RACIST Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr —

While doing his Don't tread On Me spiel in his act.

Talks about "folks like us" then shows his WHITE face and hands (around 2:30 in video). “Ain’t too many things my beautiful people can’t do…” Subtle as a f*ckin steamroller! Found this drek on Breibart TV too, what a treasure trove of DREK


BONUS FROM PAM: This is laughably f*cked up — a theme song for the teabagger “patriots”. It’s a good bookend to the talent of Hank Williams, Jr. Song by Steve Amerson & Dick Wells. Will this hit the top 40?

Newt Gingrich said “Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done should be the rallying cry for the conservative movement, this is the anthem for the resurgance of the conservative movement.

As Joe.My.God notes, the general lyrical theme:

God, judgment day, revolution, guns, abortion, taxes, uppity Negroes in the White House. (The last is only implied, of course.) Note to teabagging subtitlers: it’s Capitol Hill, not Capital.

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