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Michael Barone: No Prominent Republican Has Views as Fringe as Van Jones’

250px-Sarah_Palin_portrait.jpgDon’t bring that weak shit over here, Barone.

Liberal columnists have been attacking Republicans because some of their voters are "birthers," believers in the absurd charge that President Obama was not born in Hawaii and thus is not a natural-born U.S. citizen. But they have failed to identify any "birther" who occupied a position in the Republican firmament comparable to that of "truther" Van Jones in the Obama administration.

Uh, it’s not "some" Republican voters who are birthers. It’s most of them.

But that’s a strawman since there are birther members of Congress, who’ve introduced birther legislation. Other prominent Republican birthers include, in no particular order, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Liz Cheney, Michael Savage, Alan Keyes, G. Gordon Liddy and The National Review

But birtherism is only a tiny slice of the GOP crazy.

How about the brightest star in the Republican firmament, who’s married to a secessionist, palled around with Birchers, theocrats and other right-wing kooks, and claimed Obama wants to gas her Down baby?

Or the Republican member of the Senate who compared Obama to Hitler and claimed the US was becoming Iran?

Or the higher-ranking Republican member of the Senate who said climate change was "the second greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people after the separation of church and state" and compared the EPA to the Gestapo? 

Or how about the Republican governor of the second-largest state, who wants to emulate Jefferson Davis and appoints creationists to his state’s school board?

Or the Republican member of the House who warned that Obama wanted to create "re-education camps" for children and compared progressive taxation to slavery?

And then there’s the "reasonable" elder statesman of the GOP who called the Israeli invasion of Lebanon the beginning of the Third World War and claimed on national television that the proposed health care reforms will lead to euthanasia.

And don’t forget the former GOP presidential candidate and media star who publishes revisionist defenses of Adolf Hitler.

But none of those Republicans are as powerful and prominent and important as Van Jones, who thought Bush might’ve been warned about 9/11 before 9/11. 


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