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Has a same-sex kiss been nixed on “Guiding Light”?

Gay and lesbian soap fans have been complaining bitterly for months about the lack of physicality, and barely a hand-hold  between the beautiful same-sex couple affectionately known as "Otalia." Now, the long-running soap opera, which is scheduled to end Sept 18 after 72 years may end without so much as a meaningful kiss between the two women.

Though we've invested much in the courtship between former rivals Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) we may never get the chance to see them consummate their love the way legions of heterosexual couples have. GL has certainly seen its share of bizarre heterosexual hookups and breakups, but it has never invested in such a warm, beautifully written courtship between two women.

Since January, when Olivia and Natalia realized that they may be in love, the story has positively left fans swooning over their meaningful glances, tender gestures and irresistible chemistry. It's been a joy to follow, until CBS announced the cancellation of the show back in April. Since then, fans haven't been too happy to see how slow and unrealistic the romance has unfolded.

A little background: Olivia and Natalia were once rivals who grew close after Natalia offered to give ailing Olivia her dying husband's heart, a metaphoric gesture that also triggered some feelings of friendship in the women. But things started to get complicated when the women moved in together and people started assuming they were lovers.

Then, Olivia's daughter Emma innocently wrote a paper entitled "My Two Mommies" and as fast as you can say "The Children's Hour," the whole town started talking. Natalia, whose religion and general naivety generally left her bewildered about everything, didn't see what was happening, while the more worldly Olivia explained it all to her by planting a big one on a stunned Natalia's willing lips.

Since then, the duo has survived an almost wedding between Natalia and town good guy Frank; Natalia booking town when she found out she was pregnant with Frank's kid and the bizarre homophobic ramblings from Natalia's idiot son, Rafe. Natalia is now trying to woo a weary Olivia back with flowers, breakfasts and more meaningful glances, while a wary and hurt Olivia is beginning to melt. Still, it seems a little too late.

But the question remains why haven't these two kissed? Did CBS or the sponsor Proctor and Gamble raise objections? That hardly seems likely, given that ABC has already broken ground, showing affection, kissing, hand holding and even a wedding between Reese and Bianca on "All My Children." Even more baffling is that CBS's other soap "As The World Turns" featured kissing between gay couple Luke and Noah.

So what's the answer? Homophobia? Fear of losing sponsorships? No one seems to know or won't give a straight answer. Even Crystal Chappell, who's planning her own lesbian net series Venice with Leccia and her as lovers, seems unable or unwilling to say. If CBS lets this opportunity pass by without breaking new ground, shame on them. We've invested too much of our time in this storyline to be given a snow job. This is 2009, CBS, let's have a kiss. The countdown begins to the end of Otalia…

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