09 Sep 2009

Line by Line Analysis of President Obama’s Healthcare Speech

This post analyzes President Obama’s September 9th speech on health care line by line.

09 Sep 2009

A speech tonight and before

Not that I mean to over-wrench this, but I think it's time we remind ourselves (and our leaders) where we were just a few months ago.  Click and watch.  It's worth it now just as much as it was then. I almost that I wish that this was this was

09 Sep 2009

Obama’s view of where the United States belongs

In terms of healthcare, on the left you have the advanced democracies, and on the right you the third world. Ever the bipartisan centrist, Obama thinks that the U.S. aspire to be somewhere in the center.

09 Sep 2009

We will miss you Palmetto State.
You and your delicious Charleston Chews

Tonight while leading Congress in a rousing singalong of “I am stuck on Big Insurance, because Big Insurance is stuck on me” President Obama Selassie was interrupted by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson who yelled “You lie” and then totally ran out of the place

09 Sep 2009

Late Late Night FDL: Tainted “Obama” Love

Featuring a classic Gloria Jones piece and a new video from Wye Oak

09 Sep 2009

Obama States Overhead Advantage of Public Option is Key to Choice and Competition

There’s no competition in the health insurance marketplace without a public plan with low administrative costs, president Obama averred.

09 Sep 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson yells "You Lie" at the President during address to Congress

This low-clash trashy behavior of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC)  during tonight's address is outlandish. While the President was dispelling the  lies by the right regarding whether undocumented people in this country would be  covered under health reform (they are not), Wilson took it upon himself to  scream out: "YOU LIE"

09 Sep 2009

Beware of the Public Cost Option

Would a public option that ignores affordability, result in government subsidized insurance company profits, and no greater affordability for anyone?

09 Sep 2009

A Brief History of Communism, from Race Mixing to the Public Option

The people who pushed to censor President Obama’s speech and who habitually call him a Communist or Socialist are not only the same ones who approve of Bush and Reagan speaking to our kids, they (or their parents) were running around calling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Commie, and holding up signs at anti-civil-rights protests that read “RACE MIXING IS COMMUNISM”.