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We Demand Respect

Whenever the Democratic leadership faces a split in their ranks (which is almost always), they expect their base to give in to the demands of the conservatives and rabid conservatives. What have we gotten for these capitulations? Justices Sam Alito, Judge Priscilla Owen, the Bankruptcy Botch, the Media Mess, the NAFTA and WTO Coup, the Spoiled Rich Brats Tax torpedo, the destruction of the middle class and good jobs.

It is time we changed that. I recommend that we go on the offensive for the 2010 election. We must do two things:

1. Boycott the Democratic Reps and Senators who vote for anything less than a really strong public option. No money. No volunteers. No votes. No nothing. And I mean all of them. In Washington State that may mean Rick Larsen, Brian Baird, Norm Dicks and Adam Smith. It also could include Jay Inslee and Patty Murray. Your state will undoubtedly have several that we need to either replace or scare the dickens out of.

2. For those candidates, we should also begin primary challenges ASAP. We have resources to do this in many states. Wellstone Action, True Majority and other groups have been developing a bunch of Liberal/Progressive office holders in state and local offices around the country. We should tap into that resource and convince several to step up to the next level. We will win many of these campaigns if they adopt the Wellstone strategy of grassroots campaigning. We need to get the green or blue or white or yellow bus (schoobus type, not a motorhome) travelling around our states.

I am sick to death of the party "leaders" always asking us, their base, to back off, to be "good soldiers" and to take one for the team.

My answer is, "Hell No! No more!" We have been their whipping boys for far too long. It is time they demanded that the Republican Lites support the party line, if anyone can figure out what that line is.

In the Senate, we should specifically target Blanche Lincoln, Evan Bayh and Harry Reid this time around. We might also have a look at Patty Murray; she seems to be going wishy-washy.

We can win some, perhaps all, of these races. Causing these Democrats to seriously chase our votes and contributions will have a significant effect on the others not up for re-election until 2012 and beyond. The longer term benefit could be to change the type of candidates that the DSCC and DCCC look for and set up. At present they mostly select DLC and DINO types.

It’s time to get mad, to get organized and to find alternative candidates. We, they are all over the place. We can do this. We can retrieve our party and our country. We can end this 40 year conservative descent into economic chaos and Constitutional disregard.

It won’t come easily, but it will come if we start to demand repect from our leaders and if we act on that demand.

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