Time For Predictions

At this point, I now watch pitch-by-pitch Yankee games on my iPhone, cleverly disguised as work or, in social interactions, important text messages. This is a charmed season. Tonight’s win over Tampa Bay brings the team to 90 wins and 50 losses. There are 19 21 more games left in the season, to be played against Tampa Bay (1 3), Baltimore (3), Anaheim (4), Toronto (2), Seattle (3), Boston (3), and Kansas City (3). A conservative prediction gives the Yankees 100 wins for the season. I’ll say 102 105. God I can’t wait for October.

Update:  Ah, the virtues of writing drunk include forgetting to check the October regular-season schedule. Thanks to commenter Macaquerman for catching the error.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman