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Liberal Media Characterizes Obama’s Back to School Speech as “Controversial”


You really have to hand it to the right-wing. They know how to work the refs.

Let’s review: (1) White House announces speech to school kids; (2) wingnuts fling lots of poo for the hell of it; (3) speech predictably turns out to be totally innocuous; (4) press regurgitates wingnut poo.

It’s genius.


Obama Delivers Controversial School Speech


Obama to Push Personal Responsibility in Controversial School Speech

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

South Florida schoolchildren to watch controversial Obama speech

State Journal:

Speech to Students Causing Controversy

Palm Beach Post:

Text of Obama’s controversial speech urges students to succeed, work hard, wash their hands


Kansas schools deal with Obama address controversy

Christian Science Monitor

Obama school speech text: What Glenn Beck may not like


White House wades in to calm Obama school speech uproar

And yet, despite this massive propaganda victory, wingnuts like The Hair will still complain that the media doesn’t ingest enough wingnut poo, thereby greasing the tracks for the next wingnut poo flinging.

Very impressive, yes?

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