Afghanistan Metrics: And In The Meantime, I’ll Create My Own…

They used to call me Tricky kid, I set the metrics they wish they did. Laura got a good scoop with this Eikenberry/McChrystal joint civilian-military campaign plan. But the real news in it: the general and the ambassador are setting out eleven of their own metrics in advance of the Obama administration’s. They’re ambitious:

…and “requires additional resources,” which paves the way for more money, civilian officials and troops. It promises “3-year objectives, roles and responsibilities.” That’s the closest we’ve come yet to the Obama administration actually saying outright how long the Afghanistan campaign will go on — not that it promises the war will be over in three years.

One initial aspect worth noting: the assessment’s #1 measurement, population security, does not distinguish between Coalition and insurgent violence that the Afghans need to be protected from:

Threats to population security beyond the insurgency also includes: criminality, ethnic and tribal disputes, predatory security forces, and civilian casualty incidents and inappropriate coalition force behavior.

Perhaps no wonder that McChrystal is trying to turn Kunduz into a teachable moment.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman