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In a column  posted  on Forbes, Tunku Varadarajan, writes:

The Silly Season ceases to be "silly" when what passes for political debate in America turns not merely stupid or witless, but certifiably demented.

I write of the kooky reaction of many conservatives–politicians, citizens and commentators in the media–to the plan by President Obama to address the nation’s schoolchildren tomorrow. (And I write, please note, as a nonlefty libertarian who did not support Barack Obama in the presidential election.)

Obama will, as we all know, address our kids–plenty of whom need a lesson or two on the subject, since they clearly don’t get it from their parents–on the virtues of study, education and hard work. According to a White House spokesman, the aim of the speech is "to challenge students to work hard in school, to not drop out and to meet short-term goals like behaving in class, [and] doing their homework …" If anyone thinks that’s unpalatable, subversive, Commie and un-American, I’d like to meet for a duel at dawn by the skating rink at New York’s Central Park. (Pick your weapon, Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck …)

Oh oh… Oh no he dit’ent. He mentioned She Who Will Not Be Called A Kook:

Tunku Varadarajan is a professor at NYU’s Stern Business School, fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, and executive editor for opinions at Forbes.

He thinks I am a “kook” and “crazy” for criticizing President Obama’s education event tomorrow.

Tellingly, he does not address the actual substance of my arguments.

Okay. I’ll bite. What substance?

It’s not the speech, it’s the subtext.

It’s the radical activism of the White House Teaching Fellows who designed the education guides tied to Obama’s speech.

It’s the overzealousness of public school educators who have turned classrooms into Obama campaign offices.

It’s the influence of the left-wing social justice crusaders of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Team Obama.

It’s the Left’s embrace of Obama Chicago pal Bill Ayers’ pedagogical philosophy of “education as the motor-force of revolution.”

It’s the activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists to pressure legislators for higher education spending, pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage, environmental propaganda, and anti-war causes.

Now, who are you calling “kook?”

Well…. you. Duh. 

Abby Normal

Because your case might have been more persuasive if 80% of the links that supposedly bolster your case didn’t go back to your own nutter ravings…. which, I might add,  bring to  this to mind.

But "subtext"? For reals? 

One imagines the walls  of Michelle Malkin’s home-office papered (like John Nash’s in A Beautiful Mind ) with hacked-up printouts of Obama’s speech; words circled and underlined, Sharpie notations in the margins (Chicago death camps?!? ….Muslim pledge of allegiance?!!!!… Pick up kids from Chuck E. Cheese?!!!!?), strings running from wall to wall creating a complex subtext connective web containing encoded messages  that can only be recognized by Michelle Malkin’s Cray XT5-like mind.

And, possibly, a six year-old who spent most of her morning wondering if her mother remembered to put carrot sticks in her lunchbox that day.

Kooky, I know, but true…

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