To paraphrase Tom Hanks, “There’s no crying in journalism!”

(h/t my Charlie…)

Remember about ten days ago, when WaPo ran an absolute lovefest a story about NOM’s Brian Brown?

Well, somebody snitched to WaPo’s ombudsman Andrew Alexander and now we’re in trouble…

The Post recently featured a story by reporter Monica Hesse that ran on the front of the Style section while she was on vacation. The day before returning, she logged on to check e-mails — and wept.

She was buried by an avalanche of messages angrily attacking her lengthy Aug. 28 profile of Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the group leading the fight against legalization of same-sex marriage.

Hesse was stunned. She had expected to hear from anti-gay-marriage conservatives who might view the story as “snide.”

Instead, she heard from liberals who support gay marriage, accusing her of writing a puff piece about someone they believe fosters prejudice and intolerance. The story was shallow and one-sided, they complained.

Hesse has been blistered in the blogosphere, even cast as a bigoted conservative who endorses a homophobic agenda.

Bad! Naughty, bad, BAD readers! How dare you make poor little Monica Hesse cry…

Hesse is a gifted writer, as can be seen in a piece about her marriage in today’s Post Magazine. At 28, she’s one of Style’s rising stars. But she was rocked by the angry reaction to the Brown story and spent most of last week responding to unhappy readers.

Now you go to your room and you THINK about what you’ve done- and you just WAIT until the Editor comes home!!!




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