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One Maine Superindendant Grows a Spine!

I hadn’t heard about this memo until now, when it’s been rescinded.

This is way up north of Bangor, btw- Saturday’s story was about a school district near Augusta:

LINCOLN, Maine – Students at public schools in Lincoln, Chester and Mattawamkeag will be allowed to watch President Barack Obama’s back-to-school address on Tuesday if teachers elect to air it in their classrooms.

RSU 67 Superintendent Michael Marcinkus on Saturday rescinded a memo he sent the day before to teachers, administrative staff and board members that prohibited the airing of the 18-minute noontime address.

Marcinkus said on Sunday that his initial memo was “ill-advised.”

“It was a mistake,” he said. “There is no way I’m going to impose censorship in my schools.”

Before Marcinkus reconsidered his position, RSU 67 was at least the second school unit in Maine to ban the president’s address.

This is what I LOVE about Mainers- admitting when you’re wrong and making it RIGHT.

Good on you, Mr. Marcinkus!

Maybe there’s hope for sanity to prevail in some pockets of the nation after all…

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