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Have You Ever Thought, “Republicans Are Assholes?”

Think of yourself as someone who would gladly step up to help a new Administration work on furthering the public interest. You’d drop what you’ve been doing, say goodbye to your friends and join those trying to help the country tackle any of it’s toughest problems.

Now think of everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever said, or ever signed, and ask yourself, if some unprincipled, racist moron like Glen Beck starting demagoguing about this night after night, and you were attacked by a malicious right wing media, would the White House have the courage and integrity to defend you, or would they find you’re too much of an embarrassment to defend?

Have you ever thought or said, "Republicans are assholes?" And had everyone around you agree?

If the answer is yes, the White House just demanded your resignation.

Van Jones is one of us. One of the best of us. And these cowardly idiots just betrayed him and us and every loyal Democrat in the country.

Loyalty starts at the top.

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