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The Platform of No Meaning

Okay, raise your hands… how many of you voted for/supported BH Obama because of the obvious brilliance of his oratory, the superlative managerial success of his campaign and his demonstrated intellect in the age of The Bush?

Yeah, me too.

But not without reservations; there were those and I agreed with them that Obama was a bit of an empty suit with respect to policy and his real politics were probably somewhere closer to the "center" of the political spectrum. Now we’re finding out that that’s not just true, but painfully true.

Obama has not demonstrated much leadership on his "signature" issue, allegedly healthcare. We (the progressive Democrats) worked our asses off to deliver both houses of Congress and the White House after six and eight solid years respectively, of iron-fisted republican rule to a party and a man we thought would at least pretend to uphold an agenda we could live with. Apparently not.

Obama needs to understand, and perhaps now he’s beginning to get there, that NO republican will either support him publically or privately on any single issue he brings up. Whether it’s because of their own ideology or if it’s just to embarrass him by acting amenable and then dumping him like the cute girl punking the class nerd (and the republicans are just that high-school), their mantra is still that bi-partisanship is still akin to date rape.

If LBJ had approached civil rights legislation the way Obama is approaching his "signature" issue of Health Care we would today be parsing Jim Crow laws to find parts that give the least offense to white southerners and anti-miscegenation laws would still be on the books in plenty of states.

An incrementalist approach to health care is not going to work, Obama either needs to lead and do the right thing or just admit that he’s a highly-paid corporate lackey and enjoy his next three years of rent-free living in DC before he goes off to serve on the boards of 40 of the Fortune 50 companies and become obscenely rich and join the beltway elite for the 21st Century.

Obama’s place in history is already assured, maybe that’s all he ever wanted. Because his drive to succeed seems tempered by this whole addiction to "bi-partisanship" thing which is killing the rest of us.

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Jo Fish

Jo Fish

Jo started blogging when the right-wingers started making utter, complete asses of themselves, which would be since around 2002 or so in their current incarnation as mind-sucking zombies.

A life-long Democrat and career DFH whose parents voted for all the Kennedys at one time or another, he still has an "RFK for President" banner in his garage from 1968.

Jo still flies airplanes for a major airline, and is proud of his safety record: his take-offs and landings are still equal in number. The cost of fuel may soon end that career, in which case he's planning to become a pan-handler or investment banker, whichever is more prestigious.