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Moon is Full, Dogs are Barking: Thoughts on the Lunacy du jour

I had to check my favorite weather site, WeatherUnderground, just to make sure. Yep, sure enough, the moon is full this weekend. That explains the insane howling about the POTUS, who happens to be black, speaking to the nation’s school children.

Back in simpler, more natural, and incredibly ignorant times, people believed that the moon caused insane behavior. Hence the word, "lunacy". It appears that time, like lunar phases, runs in circles.

But as we all know, the foaming isn’t really insane behavior.

Sociopathic? Probably.

Insane? No.

There is, very literally, method to this madness. It’s just another way to keep the hate and fear bubbling. And as long as Obama’s and Democratic message-masters remain inadequate to the task of pushing back, the opposition will keep controlling the "information space".

Normally, the netroots would immediately, reflexively, automatically jump to the president’s defense–and some have. But Howie Klein has paused for a moment. Noting Obama’s ongoing shifty moves signaling a very disappointing sell-out of health care reform, and remembering further back over a series of bad decisions forced on him by the powerful in his own party, he writes:

In 1992 the Democratic presidential primary field didn’t excite me much. I thought Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown and Paul Tsongas were all ok. Basically, as long as it wasn’t one of the corrupt DLC reactionaries– Bill Clinton or Bob Kerrey– I was ok. I was disappointed that my fellow Democrats had put me into that same ole uncomfortable position of picking the lesser of two evils– and Clinton was certainly far lesser an evil than George H.W. Bush. I dutifully went to the polls and voted for someone I knew would be another crappy president. When the far right set about to destroy his presidency I managed to work myself up and forget how truly awful he was and see as much good in him as I could.

The far right is doing that again, quite predictably. And Obama is as crappy a vision-free, weak centrist and corporate shill as Clinton ever was. Let them tear him apart. I’m done with these assholes.

I regret to say I agree, for whatever that may be worth. Even if you saw it coming (as Klein did), this has been as pathetic a display as I can recall.

As far as I’m concerned, Obama is on his own from here out. Obviously this will not concern Mr. Obama in the slightest. But it is one of the things I can do individually to tell Obama that there is a cost to ignoring my wishes as a voter, and ignoring the investment I previously made in him.

Or as Klein points out, Obama is actually not on his own against the howling wingnuts. He has Rahm and the president’s new best friends to defend him from these crazy howlers. Doing a heckuva job too.

Continued good luck with that, Mr. President.

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