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Come Saturday Morning: The News Roundup

cat-herding.thumbnail.jpgAs Gregg noted yesterday, Mara Liasson actually dared speak an inconvenient truth that the TradMedders don’t often say — namely, that opposing the public option is what will hurt Dems next year. 

Case in point:  Harry Reid, who has been wishy-washy at best on the PO, is now in deep trouble for 2010 — and in a state whose residents strongly favor a public option.  It’s hard not to figure that Nevadans voted for change and fierce advocacy last November, and are disappointed to see Reid giving them the same old wimpiness.  But of course we can expect the GOP/Media Complex to spin the polls that way.

— Speaking of the GOP/Media Complex, it’s funny how they’re talking up the oh-so-concerned parents browbeating their school districts into censoring President Obama’s talk to school children, without pointing out that a) this is all being orchestrated by conservatives and Republicans, just like the teabaggers were and are, and b) none of these people objected when then-president George H.W. Bush made a similar address to schoolkids back in October of 1991. 

— Speaking even more of the GOP/Media Complex, the Politico (which is owned, funded and operated by Republicans) informs us of what we already know ("Betrayus" Petraeus, apparently so named by his own troops, may be considering a 2012 GOP presidential run) and what we didn’t (that Joe Scarborough is also a potential 2012er).  Of course, that might be a little more difficult for Joe if the details about the strange death of Lori Klausuitis, and its even stranger handling by the Florida authorities, ever became prominent public knowledge — but of course the same press that hounded Gary Condit (D-CA) out of office over a dead woman who he didn’t kill has all but ignored Klausuitis’ demise, even though both events happened within a few weeks of each other in 2001.

— In other news, Sherrod Brown is throwing down — maybe

Despite several indications that the White House will ultimately not go to bat for a public option, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says he’s seen no signs that the White House will change course–but if they do, he’s not budging.

"I know that the White House is debating it internally," Brown said in an interview with TPMDC. "But Congress is writing the bill, the President’s not."

Nice job, Senator Brown.  Now put some teeth in those fine words and take the pledge.  Otherwise it’s just kabuki.

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