It’s just like the Black Dahlia Murder except that it’s just
a lost pinkie tip and nobody died or got chopped up

God bless Nine Finger Bill Rice (not to be confused with Three Finger Brown or  Sixto Lezcano) for bringing out the best in blogger crime reporting.

Eric Ingemunson gets it started all Spillanesque:

The wet starbursts of spattered blood dot the gray sidewalk for a distance of about 30 feet…

..but Eric is unused to the short declarative hard-boiled style and  pushes his luck.

…. marking the path the victim took to his car after part of his finger was bitten off and spat into the street by a protester at a MoveOn.org healthcare vigil this evening.

Meh.  Normally I’d put the book back on the shelf, but then I would have missed this part that totally never happens on NCIS:

At the end of the night, the MoveOn.org protesters had to cross the street to return to their cars; several groups of them walked carelessly into the crime scene and stepped on the spatters of blood, not hearing the deputies’ shouts to stay on the grass.

To say nothing of the chalk outline showing the exact dimensions and positioning on the decedent fingertip which will then be analyzed by supercool crime scene detectives who are world weary and have seen too much blood and too many pinkies tips spat out like a pinkie tip that someone spat out because who wants a pinkie tip in their mouth? Not me, that’s for sure.


Although he did not plan to protest Wednesday, Rice said, he’s opposed to government involvement in general, except for mail service and the military.

“It doesn’t have any business in anybody’s healthcare,” he said.

Rice acknowledged he used the Medicare he gets as a senior when he went to the hospital Wednesday. He said it was the first time he used the program, to which he remains adamantly opposed.

“If I had any other options, I would not have used it, even though I pay for it,” he said.

A real man would have poured himself a shot of whiskey, tossed it back, then poured more whiskey on the wound before cauterizing it with the Zippo lighter that they have carried since they fought in the Big One.

No, the other Big One. You know…. Grenada?

Well, it seemed big at the time…

Anyway… war is hell. Smoke’em if you got’em. Semper fi. Sharing is caring. Wolverines.

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