Please pass this along to Mainers on your lists of contacts: we’re trying to get 5000 people to pledge to Vote No On 1 by next Monday, Labor Day. Thanks! 🙂



I come bearing brand-new television ads, folks!

First, this press release from No On 1’s Jesse Connolly:

Dear Louise,

Our first campaign ads hit the airwaves today and I want you to be one of the first to see them!

One tells the story of Sam Putnam of Portland, who plays high school football and baseball, and is the pride and joy of his mother, Jennifer and her partner, Michelle. For Sam, it’s pretty basic — this is his family and he wants them to be valued and treated equally in Maine.

Please, share Sam’s story with your friends and neighbors.

Our second spot introduces Bill Whitten of Yarmouth, a former college football player and U.S. Marine.  Bill has two daughters — one gay and one straight.  For Bill, it’s simple — he wants both his girls treated fairly and equally, and that includes marrying the person they love.

Please, share Bill’s story with your friends and neighbors.

Bill Whitten’s story, like thousands of others, drives home what most Mainers believe — that everyone should be allowed to live their lives and treated fairly.  

These are the real Maine stories we need to share across the state, but we need your help.  

Thank you for your support.

Jesse Connolly

Campaign Manager

NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

And now the ads!

The first: “Sam Putnam”

Please help keep Sam’s story on the airwaves in Maine!

The second: “Bill Whitten”.




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