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Becerra Vows to Help Obama Bail Out Private Insurers

Xavier BecerraRep. Xavier Becerra, who’s taken thousands of dollars in donations from private insurers such as AHIP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and thousands of dollars from pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical-device makers, just happily said that he was in favor of President Obama’s plan to force us to buy health insurance that we can’t afford without a public option as a cost containment:

Becerra on Thursday made it clear that he would be prepared to follow the president down a road that is short of his vision for a perfect healthcare system.

“Every one of us has our goals, every one of us has our bottom line,” he said. “But at the end of the day, what the president would like us to do is the most influential comment here, because we have to try to get something done, and the president is the most powerful voice on trying to get us somewhere.”

So, basically he’s a-ok with bailing out private insurers that have denied care to millions of Americans, raised insurance premiums over 25% every single year, and kicked sick Americans off their policies. Rep. Becerra doesn’t even seem to realize he’s contradicting himself in the same article below:

“When I spoke to the president last week, he said, ‘I want to make sure I reduce the cost for those who have healthcare insurance, and that I increase the number of people who [have] health insurance. Those are my two main goals,’” Becerra said. “And I said to myself, ok, if those are your two main goals, that means you have to have a strong public option in this plan. Otherwise, if you don’t have the public option, you’ll have a broken health insurance industry on steroids, because all we’re going to do is pump in a ton of money to try and make it work better.”

So, which is it, Rep. Becerra? Are you okay with bailing out the private insurance industry with no cost containment on premiums? Are you okay with funneling billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies to private insurers, and allowing premiums to rise with no end in sight? Are you okay with forcing Americans to be mandated to buy insurance they can’t afford?

These are the kind of questions that Rep. Becerra’s constituents should ask him, and keep in mind when they go to the polls in 2010.

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