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AGAG Doesn’t Recall What He Said Monday

Well, that’s not entirely correct. Rather, Alberto Gonzales is backing off what he said Monday, when he supported a torture investigation.

"Contrary to press reporting and based on the information that’s available to me," Mr. Gonzales said during an interview Thursday with The Washington Times, "I don’t support the investigation by the department because this is a matter that has already been reviewed thoroughly and because I believe that another investigation is going to harm our intelligence gathering capabilities and that’s a concern that’s shared by career intelligence officials and so for those reasons I respectfully disagree with the decision."


"It’s an endorsement of his right to exercise his discretion," he said. "I’m just saying I would have exercised my discretion in a different manner, given the information I have."

So maybe the best explanation is that on Tuesday, Gonzales didn’t recall the investigation he purportedly did when he was still Attorney General.

Or maybe the better explanation is that someone finally gave him the sinecure he was looking for.

Update: My previous link went dead, so I replaced the content with the original Washington Times piece and fixed the timing.

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