SFMM’s Marc Mutty: “Gay Marriage Is Not A Civil Right”

As the search continues for actors to portray real Mainers, NorthEast NOM Portland Roman Catholic Diocese “loaner”/Stand For Marriage Maine’s Marc Mutty penned a guest column for the Lewiston Sun Journal this week.

(Am I the only one who thinks it’s really weird that they had to do a “STAR SEARCH” to find participants in their commercials, btw??)

Advocates of legalizing same sex-marriage in Maine usually argue it is a “civil rights” issue, because they know that no one wants to be thought of as opposing the rights of others.

It is obvious that neither the United States nor our state constitutions say anything about an individual’s right to their own definition of marriage. Their texts just can’t be stretched that far.

The fact is, however, no one has any “right” to marry. Repeatedly asserting there is does not create one.

As has been done throughout the year by others, Mutty drags race into his discussion, even using our Fierce Advocate as an example to uphold his talking point.

Those arguing for same-sex marriage often also try to compare it to laws banning inter-racial marriage. There is no comparison.

The court decisions overturning these odious laws made clear that the institution of marriage shouldn’t be hijacked to advance other objectives, in this case the rightly discredited idea that one race was superior to others. Marriage was only one tool.

Marriage clearly has nothing to do with race. It is mostly about children and the social benefits that flow from encouraging men and women to take on the critical roles of mother and father that children need to thrive. Certainly, we should treat all people with dignity and respect, but we must not sacrifice the critical social institution of marriage to do this.

There is another even more troubling aspect of this false “civil rights” argument: the idea that everyone who disagrees must be a bigot. This just doesn’t make sense either. President Barack Obama, hardly a bigot and certainly an undisputed champion of true civil rights, said in 2004: “…I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.”

Gee, THANKS, Mr. President! /snark

I suspect there is going to be a flood of such garbage over the next 2 months… I’m waiting personally for rebuttals to this current piece by either of both of the Talbots.

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