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Open Ltr to Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

Dear Senator Blanche Lincoln,

Senator Cantwell on CNN last Sunday (video) took on Senator Hatch and the issue of the public option and won the day with the argument that if cost control is important to Republicans then the public option is necessary.

Sen Kennedy, an expert in health care policy, made the same case in his article in Newsweek earlier this summer. Our country’s president, Barack Obama campaigned on health care reform and the public option. Have I been able to make the position ‘pro-public’ reasonable to you and marketable for you? We need your support. We need a bill from the senate with the public option.

The 22 Democratic senators from red states have every reason to approach the DNC and secure financial backing for their next campaign to runs ads against Republican opponents in return for their support for the public option. But first you must get out there and sell it on the merits, without fear or hesitation. You can do it. And you know what, Arkansas needs it.

Next week in Arkansas, union leaders, Wal-Mart and other fortune 500 companies are gathering to talk about health care reform and the public option. Now is the time for you to say yes.

Support the President’s plan and the Democrat’s plan, including the public option for cost control. Get a bill with 51 votes in the senate with the public option.


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