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Meaningless Healthcare Reform: You’re Gonna Take It and You’re Gonna Like It

There is only one way to win real healthcare reform; make companies instruct their lobbyists to stand down from pressuring politicians on their vote. In the 1960’s, activists pressured politicians because they controlled legislation. Today, it’s lobbyists that control Washington, and the legislation it produces.

Obama will sign any bill that reaches his desk. He is relying on the pressure from lobbyists, and their money, to produce the final bill that will please corporate interests.

Companies are not concerned with voters/consumers because we aim our efforts at each other; not at the power behind the curtain. Redirect our peaceful energy at companies, or more precisely, their income, and they will begin to listen to voters/consumers.

The proposition to companies by activists is simple: Stop blocking real healthcare reform or we will take away your incurious, mindless, controllable consumers, that respond to marketing like Pavlovian lab experiments, and replace them with calculating consumers with an agenda.

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