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Duggar’s 19th on its way……….REALLY?

This is just one of those stories that make you simply sigh (or yell) WTF!!!!!!!!!

In today's day and age, why on earth would anyone care to have 19 children? Okay, I totally understand people wanting to have children, but we've ALL seen how brainwashed the Duggar children are. They live in a household that is 100%  theocratic rule (it kind of reminds me of Iran.)

Since Jim Bob Duggar ran his political campaigns in 2002 (US Senate) and 2004 (AR State Senate) on the Republican Platform (and we all know what that means, anti-gay ANYTHING.)

So the question that begs to be answered, is…….will they FINALLY stop breeding like rabbits when one of thier children finally come out as being gay or lesbian? We all know that studies conducted show that the more males a couple has, the higher the likelihood of one of them being gay. So will they freak and kick the heathen out of their home and family?

I know it sounds cynical, but this family is nothing more than one giant cult, and I don't blame the kids for that, I blame the selfish Michelle and Jim Bob. It is disgusting and honestly quite scary the way they keep popping these little buggers…….er……Duggars out.

The planet is already over-populated, hundreds of thousands of American children are currently in foster homes or are awaiting to be adopted by a family, ANY family that will love them, but the Duggars are so selfish as they feel that the ONLY children that matter are those they are bring into this world.

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