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I am from the second district of Maine. We are a conservative part of the state, and our Congressman, Mike Michaud is s blue dog. He has said he supports the public option, but opposes HR3200 because it would short change hospitals and providers in rural Maine if reimbusement were based on Medicare rates. I have spoken with him about this and he will not take the pledge.

So, here’s my suggestion, do an online petition where we as voters and campaigners take a "pledge" to not support any representative or Senator who does not vote for the public option. This would be set up by Congressional district. It could be hosted by DFA or Move On, whoever has the server space to host it.

Then in each district or state progressive blogs could link to it, with encouragement to pass it on. The results being shared with local newspapers and tv stations. Also have the results printed out and hand delivered to each representative.

In the second district of Maine, we campaigned on healthcare for all and a public option. As the former County Chair i had tons of conversations with Democrats and Republicans who wanted affordable healthcare.

I want our representatives, including Mike Michaud to understand that elections have consequences, and that if they don’t vote for us… we will not vote for them again and will look to find alternatives.

This is my line in the sand.

Vern McKimmey
Lubec ME

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