News Alert: Tony Perkins is coming back to Maine next week.

Still no word of Peter LaBarbera’s scheduled, then cancelled, then rescheduled supposed visit to Maine this month… still looking for some truth for the “TRUTH TOUR 2009!!!!!!! he and Mikey Heath went on and on about, back in May.

Maybe that’s what Mikey and wifey are looking for in Tanzania, as they can’t find any here in Maine.


Maine Jeremiah Project Director will be participating in the following event and we encourage you to join us:

Stand For Marriage Rally

Guest speakers include:

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council

Dr. Kenyn Cureton, VP of Church Ministries, FRC

Pastor Chris Clark, East Clairemont Baptist Church, San Diego.

Jordan Lorence, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund

Bishop Richard Malone, Portland Diocese

Charla Bansley, Concerned Women for America of Maine

Pastor Bob Emrich, Maine Jeremiah Project

Representatives from Stand For Marriage Maine

Special video message from Dr. James Dobson

DATE: Sunday, September 13th

TIME: 6 to 8:30PM

LOCATION: Augusta Civic Center

Join us as we encourage & equip one another to Protect and Promote Marriage in Maine.

If you need overnight accommodations, the Holiday Inn at the Civic Center has agreed to give a discount ($70 instead of the usual $109-119) if you ask for the Maine Jeremiah Project rate when you call (207-622-4751) or use this web link to make your reservations online.

Tickets are required and may be obtained free of charge via email at

It’s interesting that SFMM is denouncing “out-of-staters” coming in to help, in light of actions taken back last winter:

Stand for Marriage Rally – Augusta, Maine

Join us as we rally to defeat same-sex marriage in Maine!


Sunday, February 15

6 – 8 PM


Augusta Civic Center

76 Community Drive, Augusta, ME 04330


Tony Perkins – Family Research Council

Charla Bansley – Concerned Women for America of Maine

Michael Heath – Maine Family Policy Council

The Hon. Rich Cebra – Maine House of Representatives

Bob Emrich – Maine Jeremiah Project

Admission is free, but ticket is required. To obtain tickets, visit

Second verse… same as the FIRST!!!

Looky what I found- a video of Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, addressing to Mainers last winter. Take a look:

Well, it takes two to play “Capture The Flag”, Tony!

Perkins’ words kinda goes against Ole Reverend Bob Emrich’s screed regarding marriage’s functions and what this is all about here in Maine, huh?


More below the fold.Speaking of Ole Bob, here’s his latest pile piece, an interesting bit of revisionism…

What’s especially interesting is the mind-boggling reframing by Ole Bob- claiming that LD 1020, which became our state’s equal marriage law, was the “Governor’s Bill”!

PLYMOUTH – I don’t know anyone who looks across acres of clear-cut land and calls it “tree equality.”

But that makes as much sense as looking at the extreme changes to Maine’s marriage law approved recently by Gov. Baldacci and calling it “marriage equality.”


Finally, the whole purpose of Maine’s marriage law was, “to encourage the traditional monogamous family unit as the basic building block of our society, the foundation of harmonious and enriching family life.”

Maine legislators and Gov. Baldacci took every bit of the marriage law I have just outlined for you, clear-cut it and threw it out as worthless.

All that language and, more important, the meaning behind the words, is gone.

It was cut first by a majority of the Maine Legislature, who said societies were wrong for thousands of years in valuing “traditional monogamous marriage” as “the basic building block of society.”

Those lawmakers came up with their new definition of marriage, which Gov. Baldacci signed into law. It starts with: “Marriage is the legally recognized union of two people.”

The governor’s new marriage law then redefines all of the historic terms we associate with marriage.

Widows aren’t just women. Neither are wives and brides. Husbands, grooms and widowers aren’t just men.

In fact, the governor’s new marriage law says: “Gender-specific terms relating to the marital relationship or familial relationships, including, but not limited to, ‘spouse,’ ‘family,’ ‘marriage,’ ‘immediate family,’ ‘dependent,’ ‘next of kin,’ ‘bride,’ ‘groom,’ ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ ‘widow’ and ‘widower,’ must be construed to be gender-neutral for all purposes throughout the law, whether in the context of statute, administrative or court rule, policy, common law or any other source of civil law.”

I must have missed something: when did Senator Dennis Damon become Governor of Maine?

But this one is utterly lost on me:

Marriage = growing trees?

Equal Marriage = clear cutting a forest?

Is it just me or is Ole Bob’s analogy here as nutty as Mikey Heath’s potato blight mash-up?.

Does this mean divorce is a beetle infestation?  Or that adultery is a wildfire?

Honestly, between all of these whack jobs and their unhinged rants, you’d think Governor John Elias Baldacci was responsible for:

1. All of the trees in Maine (the most heavily wooded state in the nation, per square mile) being ripped from the ground.

2. The entire potato crop for the state being destroyed (Still in Top 5 states in spud production nationwide, fellas!)

3. He Who Decides Single-Handedly Who Gets Married And Who Does Not.

4. Oh yeah… and he controls the weather, just like Pudge the Fish.

Do not let Baldacci’s friendly appearance fool you, peeps! Fear this man; he’s OMNIPOTENT! Bwahahahahaha…..! As a Brewer “Witch”, I knew the kids from Bangor were tough (century plus rivalry), as they routinely kicked our asses at football, but never knew what could happen if they went into politics! ūüėČ

To misquote “Jaws”: We’re gonna need a bigger NET!




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