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Mike Farrell Thanks Progress Illinois, Jesse Jackson Jr., Phil Hare and Luis Gutierrez for Holding the Line on a Public Option

Mike Farrell, long-time friend of FDL, congratulates Progress Illinois for all their hard work on the whip count effort and Reps. Louis Gutierrez, Phil Hare and Jesse Jackson Jr. for their commitment to vote against any health care bill that does not have a public option:

Real health care reform in this country will not happen without the public option. Now that’s just a fact. And it’s only because of the hard work of true grassroots activists that the public option is still alive.

So, on behalf of FDL Action, thank you Progress Illinois for your amazing commitment to this human rights issue.

The fight’s not over. Not by a long shot. And we can’t let the insurance industry, the special interests and their high-priced lobbyists kill meaningful reform again. This is our chance to provide health care to 50 million uninsured Americans ? and we may not get another one.

President Obama says the public option is the best way to keep insurance companies from exploiting our citizens. And polling shows strong support for it. But the usual suspects are spending millions of dollars to frighten and confuse people. And we can’t let them win. Not this time.

Please support Representatives Luis Gutierrez, Phil Hare, and Jesse Jackson Jr. for joining together with over 60 progressive members of Congress and pledging to stop any bill from getting to the President’s desk that doesn’t have a public option.

Let’s keep up the good fight. We’re counting on you to hold the line.

Thanks for listening.

The script was written by our own Blue Texan. Progress Illinois has done a great job covering the work that Illinois state reps have done on health care.

We’ll be rolling out thank-you videos to other state blogs as the week goes on. As we’ve noted before, the work done by state blogs has been vital to the whip count effort and to raising the $408,000 to thank the members of Congress who have pledged to oppose any health care bill that doesn’t have a public option.

To date, there has been $4,542 raised for Phil Hare, $4,579 for Luis Gutierrez and $4,086 raised for Jesse Jackson Jr. in order to thank them for their commitment as part of the effort. In addition, we’ve raised another $915 for Hare after he took the FDL pledge.

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