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Michele Bachmann Compares Progressive Taxation to Slavery and Says Lots of Other Crazy Shit

225px-Mbachmann.jpgFirst, a brief history of the Republican Party, in two parts.

Teddy Roosevelt on progressive taxation, 1910.

I believe in a graduated income tax on big fortunes, and in another tax which is far more easily collected and far more effective, a graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes, properly safeguarded against evasion, and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate.

Michele Bachmann on progressive taxation, 2009.

“This is slavery,” Bachmann said after claiming many Americans pay half their income to taxes. “It’s nothing more than slavery.”

Now the taxes in this country are at historic lows and those slaves in the top bracket are currently paying 35%. But don’t stop her — she’s rolling.

Michele Bachmann railed against the dangers of health care reform and other Democratic initiatives, warning the proposals “have the strength to destroy this country forever.

“This cannot pass,” the Minnesota Republican told a crowd at a Denver gathering sponsored by the Independence Institute. “What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

Right now, we are looking at reaching down the throat and ripping the guts out of freedom,” she said. “And we may never be able to restore it if we don’t man up and take this one on.”

Manning up, slitting wrists, ripping guts out, saving the country from destruction. It’s like she’s performing her own one woman version of Red Dawn.

Something is way crazy out there,” Bachmann said in her remarks.


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