30 Sep 2009

Late Late Night FDL: Fifty Ways To Pull A Trigger

As we enter the final stretch of this battle for the soul of our nations health care, I am constantly reminded just how many triggers there are. Thought I would kick off a list this evening with a few of my least favorite triggers and ask you all to add yours in comments.

30 Sep 2009

NYT Touts Swiss Insurance System; Ignores It’s Own Expert

The New York Times features an editorial in the guise of news entitled, “Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option,” in which the reporter illustrates how to miss the forest after looking at two trees.

30 Sep 2009

Video: Marine on vandalized billboard in Tennessee speaks out

The out former U.S. Marine, Tim Smith, who appeared on a billboard in Memphis, TN has come forward to speak about the vandalism that destroyed the sign, which said, “I’m gay and I protected your freedom.” (The Advocate): The serviceman, who was kicked out of the military under its “don’t

30 Sep 2009

Do violent death and accidents in the US explain its poor population health performance? Probably not.

The US mortality rate due to assault, traffic accidents and falls is small compared to the difference in total and non-violent mortality between the US and leading countries in population health.

30 Sep 2009

Journalist Karen Ocamb launches a blog – LGBT POV

Give a hearty official welcome to the blogmistress-o-sphere to LGBT journalist Karen Ocamb, who has contributed guest posts on the Blend a number of times. She’s launched her own pad, LGBT POV. It’s up now with a few posts at www.lgbtpov.com. My webmaster and I are still working out some

30 Sep 2009

Jay Rock Demands 90%

This is delectible politics. Fresh off a meeting with Ob-Rahma, Jay Rock has come back to the Senate and demanded 90% loss ratio for any coverage the subsidies pay for. That means the insurance companies can’t steal 20% of our tax dollars to pay for executive salaries. They get 10%.

They’re peeing their pants right now.

Thing is, this amendment will never ever pass.

30 Sep 2009

A Tale of Two Baucuses: Why Mere Words Aren’t Enough

As recently as this April, Max Baucus backed a strong public option. Earlier this week, he voted to kill it. This is one reason why mere words of “support” don’t mean an awful lot when it comes to the public option.

30 Sep 2009

Late Night: Conservative Bloggers Cower Before Marxo-Fascist Dictator, Are Probably Sissies

If conservative blog-dwellers really and truly believe their stuff about Obama being all Evil & Fascist & Commie, why *wouldn’t* they support a military coup to depose him? Because they’re sissies.

30 Sep 2009

Wednesday Hump the Jukebox

Nothing new this week that I can remember.

30 Sep 2009

Two More Reasons To Love Football

h/t Shakesville “Looking at the former restrictions on human rights in our country starting with slavery, women not being able to vote, blacks being counted as two thirds of a human, segregation, no gays in the military (to list a few) all have gone by the wayside. But now here