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Mexico City Bans Plastic Bags

San Franscico and Mumbai did it. Los Angeles is doing it. The Irish have done it. Australia and China did it too. Even Tanzania and Kenya are keeping up with the Joneses. Without taxing the creative powers of the journalists covering the story ("’paper or plastic?’ no more" was the common refrain), these nations/cities have outlawed the use of disposable plastic bags. Now, Mexico City has become the newest member of this most commendable club.

The head of the UN’s Environment Program summed up the issue while promoting the UN report "Marine Litter", saying single-use plastic bags "choke marine life [and] should be banned or phased out rapidly everywhere. There is simply zero justification for manufacturing them any more, anywhere."

In Mexico City, one of the most polluted urban areas in the world, the move is long overdue. The move does seem, however, part and parcel of a new commitment to the environment that includes plans to increase bicycle ridership up from 1.2 to 5% of the city’s total transportation by 2012.

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Lance Steagall

Lance Steagall

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