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Joke Line Just Called IF Stone’s Grand-Daughter “Pathetic”

If you haven’t read this righteous post

 Last week I went to a cookout on the beach here with some old friends (Sausages and seafood, but no cocktail weenies!) Every year they do a cookout, and then a birthday party, and for years I’ve known that one of their guests was Joe Klein. I never mixed it up with him because, after all, well…the opportunity never presented itself and while I’m pretty aggressive in print no one really goes up to someone and picks a quarrel with them, do they?

Or maybe they do. Yes, I guess they do.

Then go read the whole thing. It’s required reading for understanding how Joke Line came to call IF Stone’s grand-daughter (the author of the post) "pathetic."

Just before he called Glenn Greenwald a "thoroughly dishonorable person."

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