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Democratic Staffer: Blue Dogs are “Hell Nos” on Public Option

The Hill:

Bruised by a tough vote on climate change legislation in June, burned by fiery town hall meetings in August, and worried about the midterm elections to be held in November 2010, Democratic centrists and vulnerable lawmakers in the party are signaling that they are not happy with Pelosi’s plan.

"I don’t see how we get to 218," said a senior Democratic aide. "The Blue Dogs are ‘Hell nos.’ The people who voted yes [on energy] want to vote ‘no’ twice."

Great. Can we kick these people out of the party yet?

And this is is hilarious.

One Blue Dog said Pelosi’s pledge to include a public option favors her liberal base in the Democratic Caucus.

"They’re playing to people who can’t get beat by Republicans," said the lawmaker, who plans to vote against the bill if it remains in its current form.

The overwhelming majority of rank and file Democrats support the public option and without it, support for health care reform collapses. So to whine that its a pander to San Francisco liberals is simply a lie. And seriously, if you have so little game that you’re in jeopardy of losing to one of those Birther flat-earther dittoheads, we don’t want you.

Liberal frustration with Blue Dogs is growing. In a conference call Thursday, liberal Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) said Blue Dogs are "brain dead," and "just looking to raise money from insurance companies."

Pete Stark for Majority Leader.

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